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Science Program 2014B

by Davis Murphy last modified May 30, 2014 by Joan Wrobel

A total of 350 new proposals were received for the 3 February 2014 submission deadline for Semester 2014B. In aggregate the proposals covered the broad spectrum of modern research in astronomy and astrophysics. A total of 1425 unique authors submitted proposals to the Observatory, with 987, 474 and 288 proposers competing for time on the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT), and the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) / High Sensitivity Array (HSA), respectively.

The tables below list the approved observing programs for Semester 2014B for the GBT, for the VLA, and for the VLBA / HSA. The following is provided for each approved program: PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved, and proposal type (Regular or Triggered or Large).

For the GBT, the tabulated hours are for 14B proposals only.

For the VLA and the VLBA / HSA, the tabulated hours are those intended for execution in Semester 2014B.  A few programs have been pre-approved for time intended for execution in a future semester, and such programs will also appear in the tables for the relevant future semester.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its authors, title, abstract, and total approved hours.

Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Ali-Haimoud, Yacine GBT/14B-246 A new observational avenue to detect rotational lines of PAHs with the GBT 2.25 Regular
Allen, Ron GBT/14B-031 The Structure of the "Dark Gas" in the Galaxy    II.  Cloud Structure 110 Regular
Anderson, Christopher GBT/14B-339 Redshift Space Distortions with 21 cm intensity mapping in cross-correlation 333.5 Large
Anderson, Loren GBT/14B-249 Star Formation, Ionized Gas, and the Milky Way Bar 25 Regular
Anderson, Loren GBT/14B-256 The Lost Diffuse HII Regions 53 Regular
Anderson, Loren GBT/14B-431 RRLs from galaxies 50 Regular
Anderson, Loren GBT/14B-433 Map of RRLs near W31 46 Regular
Andrews, Jeffrey GBT/14B-347 A Search for Millisecond Pulsar Companions to Very Low-Mass White Dwarfs 8.75 Regular
Armentrout, William GBT/14B-432 Comet2013A1SidingSpring_MarsInteraction 12 Regular
Baan, Willem GBT/14B-056 The H2O MM sources NGC3079 and NGC4258 at high resolution 20 Regular
Battersby, Cara GBT/14B-291 The Structure and Kinematics of our Nearest Massive Proto-Cluster 2.75 Regular
Blank, David GBT/14B-350 Search for Molecular Outflows from KIC 12557548b 6 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta GBT/14B-024 GBT Mini Survey for Probing Extended HI Around Galaxies 34 Regular
Braatz, James GBT/14B-342 The Megamaser Cosmology Project 84 Large
Braatz, James VLBA/14B-343 The Megamaser Cosmology Project 70 Large
Burderi, Luciano GBT/14B-206 Observations at two radio bands of the unique msec pulsar PSR J1824-2452I 12 Regular
Chakrabarti, Sukanya GBT/14B-073 Towards a New Probe of Dark Matter:  HI Masses of Strong Spiral Lenses 71.5 Regular
Crichton, Devin GBT/14B-402 MUSTANG-1.5 Observations of an SZE complete sample of ACT Galaxy Clusters 60 Regular
Dicker, Simon GBT/14B-075 Mapping Cluster substructure with MUSTANG 1.5 60 Regular
Ferdman, Robert GBT/14B-399 A directed search for millisecond pulsars with low-mass white dwarf companions 27 Regular
Fonseca, Emmanuel GBT/14B-085 Continued Timing of the PSR B1620-26 Triple System 4.5 Regular
Fox, Andrew GBT/14B-299 The closest Galactic wind: properties of the Milky Way's nuclear outflow 7 Regular
Frau, Pau GBT/14B-380 Understanding the dynamics of the youngest stellar cluster 25.5 Regular
Henkel, Christian GBT/14B-233 Fundamental constants and the excitation of the CH molecule 10 Regular
Kanekar, Nissim GBT/14B-330 A Ka-band search for Millisecond Pulsars at the Galactic Center 13 Regular
Kovalev, Yuri GBT/14B-123 RadioAstron-GBT Space VLBI survey of AGN at the highest angular resolutions 90 Regular
Kramer, Michael GBT/14B-322 Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System 104.5 Regular
Lorimer, Duncan GBT/14B-430 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of PSR 0611+22 7 Regular
Lorimer, Duncan GBT/14B-430 Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of PSR 0611+22 7 Regular
Lorimer, Duncan GBT/14B-440 A deep search for a pulsar in G141.2+5.0 4 Regular
Lorimer, Duncan GBT/14B-441 A long hard stare at a fast radio burst 60 Regular
Lorimer, Duncan GBT/14B-452 Shapiro delay measurement in a double neutron star binary 8 Regular
Lynch, Ryan GBT/14B-261 Measuring Shapiro Delay in PSR J1938+6604 21.5 Regular
Marcelino, Nuria GBT/14B-189 Looking into a new spectral window: A 68-80 GHz line survey of dark cloud cores 7.25 Regular
Marscher, Alan GMVA/14B-428 3 mm Imaging of the Most Compact Regions of Gamma-Ray Blazars 44 Regular
McClure-Griffiths, Naomi GBT/14B-076 A GBT Survey of Neutral Atomic Hydrogen in the Galactic Centre Wind 87 Regular
McLaughlin, Maura GBT/14B-437 Timing and DM Monitoring Observations of a Exotic Binary System 24 Regular
McLaughlin, Maura GBT/14B-438 A Long Observation of a Rotating Radio Transient 16 Regular
McLaughlin, Maura GBT/14B-439 A Search for Radio Pulsations from Three Brown Dwarfs 36.5 Regular
McWilliams, Sean GBT/14B-442 Continued double white dwarf binary observation 96 Regular
Mills, Elisabeth GBT/14B-346 Hot Gas in Galactic Centers: How Hot, How Much, and Why? 74.5 Regular
Pagani, Laurent GBT/14B-367 CO depletion and the CO/N2 depletion crisis 55 Regular
Pardy, Stephen GBT/14B-306 Haro 11: An Extreme Lyman-alpha Emitting Starburst with a Deficit of HI 10 Regular
Patruno, Alessandro GBT/14B-036 Deep Radio Pulse Search in Six Accreting Millisecond Pulsars 10 Regular
Pingel, Nickolas GBT/14B-293 Mapping the Extended HI Environment of the HALOGAS Galaxies 130 Regular
Pisano, D.J. GBT/14B-434 Gravitationally Lensed HI emission from individual galaxies behind Abell 370. 60 Regular
Pisano, D.J. GBT/14B-435 Deep mapping of the extended HI environment of NGC 6946 16 Regular
Pisano, D.J. GBT/14B-436 Deep HI observations towards background QSOs around M31 20 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT/14B-218 Long Term Timing of 56 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters 85 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT/14B-311 Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System 49 Regular
Remijan, Anthony GBT/14B-360 Understanding the Excitation of Complex Molecules in Astronomical Environments 28.5 Regular
Rickard, Lee GBT/14B-262 Dielectronic Recomination onto Doubly-Ionized Carbon in Bright HII Regions 7.5 Regular
Romero, Charles GBT/14B-355 Observing CLASH with MUSTANG-1.5 30 Regular
Sanpa-arsa, Siraprapa GBT/14B-235 Searching For More Radio Millisecond Pulsars in Fermi Unassociated Sources 4.25 Regular
Schruba, Andreas GBT/14B-214 An L-Band Survey of NGC 6822  - GBT Short Spacing Part 19.5 Regular
Siemion, Andrew GBT/14B-284 A Panchromatic Search for Advanced Intelligence around Nearby Stars 31 Regular
Soma, Tatsuya GBT/14B-114 Origin of Abundant CH3OH in the Cold Molecular Cloud: TMC-1 20 Regular
Swiggum, Joseph GBT/14B-451 Drifting to Determine Pulsar Position 8 Regular
Wilner, David GBT/14B-145 Large grains in the epsilon Eridani Debris Disk 12 Regular
Wolfe, Spencer GBT/14B-345 The Origin of Diffuse Neutral Hydrogen Clouds in the Local Group 200 Large
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad GBT/14B-333 A Pilot Study to Map  Polarized Emission from G0.13-0.13 10.5 Regular

Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)

Four separate observing classifications are possible: General Observing (GO),  Shared Risk Observing (SRO), Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO), and EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO). In the proposal type column, a superscript "s" indicates the SRO classification, a superscript "r" indicates the RSRO classification, a superscript "e" indicates the ECSO classification, and no superscript indicates the GO classification.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Aalto, Susanne VLA/14B-398 A survey for vibrationally excited HCN in (U)LIRGs 5 Regular
Alaghband-Zadeh, Susannah VLA/14B-032 Detecting CO(1-0) in a z=2.5 Hyperluminous Dusty Quasar 9 Regular
Allaert, Flor VLA/14B-033 The atomic gas-to-dust ratio in dust-lane early-type galaxies 14.78 Regular
Antonellini, Stefano VLA/14B-122 Investigation of molecular radio lines in TWHya 6.03 Regular
Baker, Andrew VLA/14B-382 Understanding large line widths in the most extreme dusty high-z starbursts 6 Regular
Bannister, Keith VLA/14A-102 A Triggered Search For Coherent Emission  From Gamma-Ray Bursts 3 Triggered
Bastian, Tim VLA/14B-245 Coronal magnetic fields: the driver of solar activity 24 Triggered
Basu, Kaustuv VLA/14B-128 Direct radio detection of the intra-cluster medium in polarized emission 16 Regular
Bell, Michael VLA/13B-088 Faraday Synthesis Of Hydra A To Study ICM Magnetic Fields, Jet/ICM Interaction 4 Regular
Beuther, Henrik VLA/14B-148 The HI/OH/Recombination line survey of the Milky Way (THOR) - continued 75 Large
Bietenholz, Michael VLA/14B-373 Looking for the Crab's Shell at 370 MHz 5 Regulars
Bigiel, Frank VLA/13B-194 THINGS XXL: Studying the Super-Extended HI Disk in the Nearby Disk Galaxy M83 6.5 Regular
Bigiel, Frank VLA/14B-192 THINGS XXL: Studying the Super-Extended HI Disk in the Nearby Disk Galaxy M83 7 Regular
Bode, Mike VLA/14B-106 Nova GK Per (1901): A Supernova Remnant in Miniature 10 Regular
Bontemps, Sylvain VLA/14B-415 High-mass Class 0s down to 140 AU to understand the formation of massive stars 9 Regular
Borthakur, Sanchayeeta VLA/14B-057 Mapping the Distribution of HI Around a DLA Associated with a Galaxy Group 8 Regular
Bower, Geoffrey VLBA/14A-209 Probes of the Galactic Center with the Pulsar 1745-29 6 Regular
Braatz, James VLA/14B-344 The Megamaser Cosmology Project 4 Large
Braatz, James VLBA/14B-343 The Megamaser Cosmology Project 48 Large
Broekhoven-Fiene, Hannah VLA/14B-406 Completing the Characterization of Bright Disks in the Auriga-California GMC 31.5 Regular
Buemi, Carla VLA/14B-051 The radio morphology of Wray17-96 3.2 Regular
Burgasser, Adam VLA/14B-313 A Search for Radio Emission from the Nearest Very Low Mass Spectral Binary 6 Regular
Bussmann, Robert VLA/14B-302 Imaging CO(J=1-0) Emission in Herschel DSFGs with ALMA Imaging 39.98 Regular
Caccianiga, Alessandro VLA/14B-167 A morphological study of a newly discovered radio-loud NLS1 1 Regular
Camarata, Matthew VLA/14B-371 Probing the Small-Scale Structure of High-Mass Star Formation with Anomalous NH3 6 Regular
Cannon, John VLA/14B-044 Neutral Hydrogen in the LARS Galaxies - High-Resolution Follow-up Imaging 13 Regular
Cassano, Rossella VLA/14B-190 How many galaxy clusters host a radio halo? 10 Regular
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/13B-133 Identifying the radio counterpart of the TeV gamma-ray source VER J2227+608 7.6 Regular
Castelletti, Gabriela VLA/13B-219 The first P-band EVLA observations of the enigmatic SNR RXJ1713.7-3946 6 Regular
Chandola, Yogesh VLA/14B-274 HI mapping of mid-infrared bright, low metallicity Blue Compact Dwarf W1016+3754 12 Regular
Cheung, C. (Teddy) VLA/14B-377 Prompt VLA Followup of Flaring/Transient Fermi-LAT Galactic Plane Sources 8 Triggered
Cicone, Claudia VLA/13B-103 New Insights into the Massive Molecular Outflow in Mrk 231 11.25 Regular
Cortese, Luca VLA/13B-019 A unique HI tail in a galaxy triplet: testing ram pressure in X-ray faint groups 4 Regular
Costagliola, Francesco VLA/14B-120 Young and active: what is driving the outflow in NGC~1377 ? 2.7 Regular
Csengeri, Timea VLA/14B-366 Revealing the immediate vicinity of the youngest massive protostars of ATLASGAL 12.78 Regular
Damas, Ancor VLA/14B-241 Large-scale magnetic fields in two edge-on galaxies of the Virgo cluster 4.11 Regular
Datta, Abhirup VLA/14B-397 Merging Activities in Galaxy Clusters from Chandra - South-Pole Telescope Sample 10.02 Regular
Dawson, William VLA/14B-157 Pinning Down Dark Matter with Radio Relic Polarization 14 Regular
de Gasperin, Francesco VLA/13B-091 Understanding M87: a multi-frequency campaign (VLA - II part) 6 Regular
de Pater, Imke VLA/13B-064 Longitude Resolved Maps of Jupiter's Radio Emisssion 10 Regular
de Pater, Imke VLA/14B-401 Multi-frequency Observations of Saturn and its Rings 8 Regular
Dickey, John VLA/14B-118 CO-Dark Molecular Gas in the Galactic Plane 14.4 Regular
Donovan Meyer, Jennifer VLA/14A-485 Star Formation and Clumpy HI in the Extended Ultraviolet Disk of NGC 404 6 Regular
Doyle, Gerry VLA/14B-015 Mapping the structure of radio emission from ultracool dwarfs 54.18 Regular
Dzib, Sergio VLA/14B-244 Is the Turner-Welch non-thermal source a  jet or a disk? 1.75 Regular
Emonts, Bjorn VLA/14B-160 Build-up of the massive Spiderweb Galaxy (z=2): role of the known CO reservoir 24 Regular
Evans, Aaron VLA/14A-471 High-Resolution Imaging of Obscured Star Formation in Luminous Infrared Galaxies 50.59 Regular
Falcke, Heino VLA/14B-357 Sgr A* on the rise? Triggering VLBA and VLA during and after the G2 encounter 75 Triggered
Feruglio, Chiara VLA/14B-071 Completing the puzzle of SMM J1237+6203 by measuring its gas reservoir 5.7 Regular
Filho, Mercedes VLA/14B-010 The Assembly of Primitive Galaxies, as Portrayed by Extremely Metal-Poor Dwarfs 153 Regular
Fong, Wen-fai VLA/14B-062 Identifying the Radio Afterglow of a Short GRB within the Advanced LIGO Volume 6.5 Triggered
Forbrich, Jan VLA/14B-251 Exploring the radio properties of pulsed accretion in a binary protostar 3 Regular
Freeland, Emily VLA/14B-314 Improving our Understanding of Lya Transport using Radio Recombination Lines 10 Regular
French, K. Decker VLA/14B-358 Post-Starburst Galaxies with Molecular Gas: What Happened to the Star Formation? 7.33 Regular
Fukui, Yasuo VLA/14B-140 Optically thick HI toward the high-latitude-clouds, MBM53, 54, 55 and HLCG92-35 12 Regular
Giovannini, Gabriele VLA/14B-011 Possible diffuse radio sources in 3 low mass clusters 3 Regular
Gitti, Myriam VLA/14B-022 The mystery of the "Kite" radio source in A 2626 3.5 Regular
Gitti, Myriam VLA/14B-027 Searching for a supermassive black hole pair in the dumbbell BCG of A 3670 3 Regular
Goddi, Ciriaco VLA/14B-147 Morphology, Kinematics, and Evolution of Massive Protostellar Outflows 15 Regular
Goddi, Ciriaco VLA/14B-173 Hot Ammonia in Luminous High-Mass Star Forming Regions in the Galaxy 18 Regular
Gray, Robert VLA/14B-292 Search of M31 and M33 for Radio Signals in the 21-cm Band 12.4 Regular
Hardcastle, Martin VLA/13B-129 Low-frequency spectral curvature in radio galaxies: LOFAR targets at P-band 10 Regular
Hayes, Matthew VLA/14B-194 Where is the HI in the Strongest Low Redshift Lyman Continuum Emitting Galaxy? 5.8 Regular
Heywood, Ian VLA/14B-135 Molecular gas in a z=5.1 quasar: the most IR-luminous object in the Universe? 7 Regular
Hodge, Jacqueline VLA/14B-408 A sub-uJy S/X-band survey of cosmic star formation 100 Regular
Hodges-Kluck, Edmund VLA/13B-196 Seeking "Fermi Bubbles" Around Nearby Edge-on Milky Way Analogs 32 Regular
Hughes, Annie VLA/14B-409 A Deep 1 to 18 GHz Radio Continuum Survey of NGC628 5.5 Regular
Immer, Katharina VLA/14B-390 Ubiquitous stellar winds in cometary H II regions? 17.5 Regular
Jamrozy, Marek VLA/14B-156 Deep low-frequency VLA observations of the giant radio galaxy J1420-0545 2 Regulars
Jones, Tucker VLA/14B-266 An order of magnitude improvement in the molecular gas census at high redshift 12 Regular
Kamble, Atish VLA/14B-340 The diversity of SNe Ibc and the Nature of GRB-SN connection 40 Triggered
Kanekar, Nissim VLA/14B-100 The most sensitive test of changes in the proton-electron mass ratio 20 Regular
King, Ashley VLA/14B-061 Quasar Outflow Evolution Across Cosmic Time 2.5 Regular
Kitchener, Ged VLA/13B-041 A Deep Spectral Index Survey of a subsample from LITTLE THINGS 37.5 Regular
Kitchener, Ged VLA/14B-359 A Deep Spectral Index Survey of a subsample from LITTLE THINGS 21 Regular
Kittiwisit, Piyanat VLA/14B-429 Foreground Spectra for 21 cm Epoch of Reionization Observation 10 Regular
Knudsen, Kirsten VLA/14B-337 Molecular gas in a z=2.6 LIRG 3 Regular
Koerding, Elmar VLA/14B-177 Radio Emission from outbursting cataclysmic variables 20 Triggered
Lacey, Christina VLA/14B-319 High Frequency Observations of Star Formation Regions in NGC 247 and NGC 6946 11.2 Regular
Laing, Robert VLA/13B-326 Relativistic backflow in radio-galaxy lobes 3 Regular
Leisman, Lukas VLA/14B-243 HI1140+16: A progenitor Luminous Blue Compact Galaxy 6 Regular
Lelli, Federico VLA/14B-272 Tidal Dwarf Galaxies: Origin, Dynamics, and Evolution 11 Regular
Leslie, Sarah VLA/14B-107 Radio-optical study of resolved star-formation in galaxies from the SAMI survey 6.4 Regular
Liu, Hauyu VLA/14B-053 Grain growth and anisotropy in young stellar objects 4 Regular
Loinard, Laurent VLA/14B-247 Radio emission from infant brown dwarfs 10 Regular
Lonsdale, Carol VLA/14B-385 CO(1-0) Imaging of Luminous Young High Redshift Radio Galaxies 17 Regular
Loomis, Ryan VLA/14B-411 Imaging the Complex Chemical Evolution Around a Solar-type Protostar 3 Regular
MacGregor, Meredith VLA/14A-225 Constraining Collisional Models of Planetesimals in Debris Disks 4 Regular
Macías, Enrique VLA/14B-285 Searching for signs of planet formation in transitional disks 1.25 Regular
Mangum, Jeff VLA/14B-063 Imaging the Volume Density within NGC253 and NGC3079 11 Regular
Mao, Minnie VLA/14B-378 CO in Infrared Faint Radio Sources 10 Regular
Mao, Sui Ann VLA/14B-405 Probing the Magnetized Disk-halo Interaction in M51 via Wideband Polarimetry 4 Regular
Marcelino, Nuria VLA/14B-388 Barnard 1b: tracing the very early stages of low-mass star formation 4.43 Regular
Matthews, Lynn VLA/14B-196 A Search for Mass Loss from Cepheid Variables 13 Regular
McAlpine, Kim VLA/14B-234 Where are the radio counterparts to the low-z far-infrared-luminous sources? 25.5 Regular
McKean, John VLA/14B-301 A JVLA study of extended CO (1-0) molecular gas in radio-loud AGN 9 Regular
Megeath, Tom VLA/14B-296 VLA Observations of OMC-2 FIR4: Searching for Jets in a Fragmented Core 5 Regular
Menten, Karl VLA/14B-254 A comprehensive Galactic plane radio wavelength star formation survey 40 Large
Meyer, Martin VLA/14B-315 Widefield HI Observations of the GAMA/SAMI/DINGO Regions 150 Larges
Middleton, Matthew VLA/14B-042 Probing disc-jet coupling in extragalactic micro-quasars 60 Triggered
Miller-Jones, James VLA/14B-117 Comparing black holes and neutron stars at the lowest mass accretion rates 1 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLA/14B-121 Radio and X-ray monitoring of the hard state of Cyg X-1 over a full binary orbit 11 Regular
Mitsuishi, Ikuyuki VLA/14B-159 Exploring Radio Emission in Merging Groups of Galaxies 4.8 Regulars
Miyamoto, Yusuke VLA/14B-175 Exploring extended continuum emission and gas around the center of NGC 3079 5 Regular
Monnier, John VLA/14B-043 Orbital Period and the Fundamental Parameters of Colliding Wind WR 112 3 Regular
Motogi, Kazuhito VLA/14B-197 The face-on view of the accretion system around a high mass young stellar object 5 Regular
Munoz-Mateos, Juan-Carlos VLA/14A-027 Tracing HI Across the Downturns in the Stellar and Molecular Profile 4 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/13B-215 The Star Formation in Radio Survey: Mapping Radio Spectra in Nearby Galaxies 21 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/14A-012 A Jansky-VLA Public Legacy Survey of the Frontier Fields 10 Regular
Murphy, Eric VLA/14B-037 Unveiling the High-Redshift Universe Through A Deep 10GHz Survey of GOODS-N 2 Large
Myers, Steven VLA/14A-375 Year Two of the 6-GHz COSMOS Synoptic Survey 2 Regular
Nesvadba, Nicole VLA/14B-252 Gas and star formation in the brightest lensed galaxies discovered with Planck 21.25 Regular
Nicuesa Guelbenzu, Ana Maria VLA/14B-201 Reveiling the dust-obscured star-formation rate in host galaxies of short GRBs 8 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLA/14B-150 Magnetic fields in the Arp interacting galaxies 5 Regular
Ortega, Martin VLA/14B-069 Study of a bright-rimmed cloud towards the infrared dust bubble CN20 0.9 Regular
Osten, Rachel VLA/14B-158 The Nature of Magnetic Activiity at the Low-Mass End of the Main Sequence 27.25 Regular
Osten, Rachel VLA/14B-258 Probing the Stellar Flare-Coronal Mass Ejection Relationship 20 Regulars
Ott, Juergen VLA/14B-023 Molecular Absorption Survey against the G2 Cloud Sgr A* Accretion Event 12.8 Triggered
Ott, Juergen VLA/14B-034 Shock Tracers Surrounding Sgr A* 12 Regular
Ozawa, Takeaki VLA/14B-111 Observations of Synchrotron Radiation from Early-type Galaxies 3.25 Regular
Pasetto, Alice VLA/14B-184 JVLA polarisation study of a sample of high Rotation Measure sources 3 Regular
Perez, Laura VLA/14B-368 Asymmetries and rings: Dust Trapping in Transitional Disks 20 Regular
Perley, Daniel VLA/14B-413 An Updated Look at Dusty, Luminous Galaxies Hosting Unobscured Gamma-Ray Bursts 8.75 Regular
Perley, Richard VLA/14B-336 Deep Wideband Polarimetric Imaging of Cygnus A: Faraday Rotation, Jets and Lobes 10.5 Regular
Richards, Emily VLA/14B-376 Baryonic Distributions in Dark Matter Halos 48 Regular
Rickert, Matthew VLA/14B-318 Mapping the Nonthermal Emission of the CMZ 6 Regulars
Riechers, Dominik VLA/14B-326 The Jansky VLA Molecular Deep Field: Dynamical Masses and Conversion Factor 95 Regular
Rodriguez, Luis VLA/14B-230 Free-Free Emission from the Outflows of Seven Selected Brown Dwarfs 35 Regular
Rodriguez-Rico, Carlos VLA/14B-370 The Morphological Variety of Giant Radio Galaxies 20.68 Regular
Rosolowsky, Erik VLA/14B-088 Observing the Origins of the Molecular Interstellar Medium 52 Regular
Royster, Marc VLA/14B-281 Extreme Kinematics of Ionized Gas in the Central Half Parsec of the Galaxy 4 Regular
Rudnick, Lawrence VLA/14B-164 Revisiting tail dynamics: puzzles from a  giant restarting WAT 6.1 Regulars
Rudnick, Lawrence VLA/14B-165 In pursuit of the cluster shock network: a study of A2255 20.6 Regulars
Rujopakarn, Wiphu VLA/14A-360 Resolving the Obscured Cosmic Accretion History and Modes of Galaxy Assembly 11 Large
Rushton, Anthony VLA/14B-154 Simultaneous radio and X-ray monitoring of the G2 encounter with Sgr A* 16 Regular
Russell, David VLA/14B-153 The disc-jet connection in an accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar 6 Triggered
Sahai, Raghvendra VLA/14B-349 Accretion and Flare Activity in an AGB Star: A Study of Y Gem's Radio Emission 4.5 Regular
Sahai, Raghvendra VLA/14B-369 Ionized Gas and Very Large Grains Surrounding Dying Stars 14 Regular
Sandstrom, Karin VLA/14A-468 The Dust-HI-Star Formation Connection Across the Local Universe 42 Regular
Sandstrom, Karin VLA/14B-396 The Dust-HI-Star Formation Connection Across the Local Universe 56 Regular
Savage, Allison VLA/14B-203 Faraday Rotation Measurements of the HII Region of IC1396 16 Regular
Scaife, Anna VLA/14B-248 Magnetic Fields in Heavenly Bridges - II 2.4 Regulars
Schaefer, Adam VLA/14B-112 Do large HI reservoirs lead to bursts of star formation? 3 Regular
Schinnerer, Eva VLA/14A-171 A Cloud-Scale Map of the True Distribution of Recent Star Formation in M51 60 Regular
Schruba, Andreas VLA/14B-212 An L-Band Survey of NGC 6822 42 Regular
Serra, Paolo VLA/14B-090 The puzzle of gas rich, slow rotator early-type galaxies 12 Regular
Sharon, Chelsea VLA/14B-278 Resolving Cold Gas in Two z~3 Lyman Break Galaxies 54 Regular
Sivakoff, Gregory VLA/14B-216 Searching for the 1st Transient Black Hole X-ray Binary in a MW Globular Cluster 3.5 Triggered
Sjouwerman, Lorant VLA/14B-238 BAaDE: Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamic Evolution (II) 95 Large
Smith, Krista VLA/14B-289 The Origin of Far-Infrared Emission in AGN 6 Regular
Smith, Matthew VLA/14B-188 Enigmatic dusty blue galaxies discovered by Herschel 21 Regular
Stockdale, Christopher VLA/14B-253 ToO Observations of Core Collapse Supernovae (Type IIL/IIP/IIb/II) 28 Triggered
Tadaki, Ken-ichi VLA/14B-002 A comprehensive view of the roles of molecular gas in z>2 main-sequence galaxies 52 Regular
Tibbs, Christopher VLA/14A-051 Locating Spinning Dust Grains Within HII Regions 6 Regular
Trevino-Morales, Sandra VLA/14B-163 Characterization of the dynamics and structure of the UC HII region Mon R2 4 Regular
Tunnard, Richard VLA/14B-282 HI entrained in molecular outflows 33 Regular
van der Marel, Nienke VLA/14B-115 A gigantic dust trap in IRS 48: locating the largest grains 8.25 Regular
van Weeren, Reinout VLA/14B-205 Deep JVLA Observations of the HST Frontier Field Clusters 27 Regular
van Zee, Liese VLA/14B-395 Gaseous and Stellar Streams in Nearby Galaxies 16 Regular
Vollmer, Bernd VLA/14A-003 RM tomography of interacting Virgo spiral galaxies 9 Regular
Wagg, Jeff VLA/14A-151 Radio continuum emission from a `normal' galaxy during the reionization epoch 6.34 Regular
Wallstrom, Sofia VLA/14B-341 Exploring the exotic chemistry of the Crab nebula 18.88 Regular
Walsh, Andrew VLA/14B-096 A 3-dimensional model of the Central Molecular Zone 33 Regular
Wang, Ran VLA/14B-151 Formation of the luminous Quasars at z>6 25 Regular
West, Jennifer VLA/14B-418 Hunting for the missing SNRs in the outer Galaxy: G232+2, a case study 6.5 Regular
Weston, Jennifer VLA/14B-394 Radio Observations of Accretion-Powered Symbiotic Binaries 27 Regular
Wharton, Robert VLA/14B-392 A Phased Array Search for Pulsars within ~0.3 pc of Sgr A* 11 Regularr
Wilcots, Eric VLA/14B-305 Antlia in HI: The Fate of Gas in Cluster Assembly 55 Regular
Williams, Peter VLA/14B-242 Directly probing the turbulent dynamo: linking magnetic topology and dissipation 39.9 Regular
Wilson, Thomas VLA/14B-309 Ammonia Masers in W51 5.3 Regular
Yang, Chentao VLA/14B-259 Exploring the dense molecular gas in two high-z lensed ULIRGs 18.75 Regular
Yang, Yujin VLA/14B-335 Probing the Molecular Gas Extent and Composition in a z~2.7 Giant Ly-alpha Blob 12 Regular
Zahorecz, Sarolta VLA/14B-237 Characterizing the Earliest Phases of Massive Star Formation in G191.51-0.76 5 Regular
Zauderer, Bevin VLA/14A-423 Radio Monitoring of the Tidal Disruption Event Swift J164449.3+573451 3 Regular
Zhang, Qizhou VLA/14A-241 Filaments, Star Formation and Magnetic Fields 3.4 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

PI ID Title Hours Type
Alberdi, Antonio GMVA/14A-022 Revealing the polarized fine structure of AGN at the highest resolution 36 Regular
Alberdi, Antonio GMVA/14B-176 Revealing the polarized fine structure of AGN Relativistic Jets with the GMVA 24 Regular
Barrett, Paul VLBA/14B-142 Astrometry of Three Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 30 Regular
Beasley, Anthony VLBA/14B-363 VLBA Observations of CU Vir - Second Epoch 29.97 Regular
Bower, Geoffrey VLBA/14A-209 Probes of the Galactic Center with the Pulsar 1745-29 12 Regular
Braatz, James VLBA/14B-343 The Megamaser Cosmology Project 70 Large
Brunthaler, Andreas VLBA/11B-005 Proper motion of Galaxies in and beyond the Local Group 80 Large
Burgasser, Adam VLBA/14A-415 Distance and Dynamical Masses for the Hyperactive L/T Binary 2MASS J1315-2649AB 25.5 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA/14A-016 Improving GR tests with the binary pulsar B1913+16 via a parallax distance 8 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA/14A-023 MSPSRPI: VLBI astrometry of millisecond pulsars 86 Regular
Dexter, Jason VLBA/14B-365 The Origin of Strong Interstellar Scattering 9 Regular
Ellingsen, Simon VLBA/14B-109 Measuring the expansion of the W31 infrared bubble 9 Regular
Falcke, Heino VLBA/14B-303 Sgr A* on the rise? Triggering VLBA and VLA during and after the G2 encounter 21 Triggered
Fey, Alan VLBA/14A-283 VLBA Geodesy/Astrometry Observations for 2014 72 Regular
Forbrich, Jan VLBA/13B-046 VLBA Search for Sub-Stellar Companion to the Unusual Ultracool Dwarf 2M1314+1320 12 Regular
Goddi, Ciriaco VLBA/14B-089 Morphology & 3D Kinematics of a Primordial Massive Protostellar Outflow in W75N 32 Regular
Gomez, Jose-Francisco VLBA/14B-209 The fastest water-fountain jet: early stage or exotic source? 25 Regular
Gupta, Neeraj VLBA/14B-084 VLBA observations of radio loud quasars with DLAs from SDSS BOSS 6 Regular
Gwinn, Carl VLBA/14B-202 Substructure in Pulsar Scattering Disks 40 Regular
Homan, Jeroen VLBA/14B-288 Establishing an absolute luminosity scale for accreting neutron stars 12 Regular
Hovatta, Talvikki VLBA/14B-021 Parsec-scale jet structure of the Kepler BL Lac object W2R1926+42 10 Regular
Jones, Dayton VLBA/14B-038 Conclusion of Cassini Astrometric Tracking 8 Regular
Lister, Matthew VLBA/13B-175 MOJAVE: Jet Kinematics of Accelerating and High-Synchrotron-Peaked Blazars 156 Large
Loinard, Laurent VLBA/10B-131 The Gould's Belt Distances VLBA Survey 105 Large
Marecki, Andrzej VLBA/14B-200 J1625+2712 as a testbed of a theory of X-shaped radio sources 4 Regular
Marscher, Alan GMVA/14B-428 3 mm Imaging of the Most Compact Regions of Gamma-Ray Blazars 80 Regular
Marscher, Alan VLBA/14B-264 Sub-milliarcsecond Imaging of the Gamma-ray Emission Regions of Blazars 144 Large
Marti-Vidal, Ivan VLBA/14B-045 Dissecting the mm polarization activity at the jet base of a flaring blazar 45 Triggered
Marti-Vidal, Ivan VLBA/14B-046 VLBI observations of the AGN in M 81 at mm-wavelengths. Down to the core 8 Regular
Max-Moerbeck, Walter VLBA/14B-287 The structure of the jet in the quasi-periodically variable blazar J1359+4011 24 Regular
Melis, Carl VLBA/13B-353 VLBA Pleiades Distance Controversy Extension 100 Large
Melis, Carl VLBA/14A-275 Is There a Front Edge to the Orion Star Forming Complex? 27 Regular
Miller-Jones, James VLBA/14B-139 Radio and X-ray monitoring of the hard state of Cyg X-1 over a full binary orbit 72 Regular
Orosz, Gabor VLBA/14A-190 Annual parallaxes of hydroxyl masers in OH/IR stars 12 Regular
O'Sullivan, Shane VLBA/14B-070 Determining the particle composition and magnetic flux in the AGN jet B2126-158 18 Regular
Pasetto, Alice VLBA/14B-269 A high angular resolution study of radio sources with large Rotation Measure 23 Regular
Petrov, Leonid VLBA/14B-009 Absolute astrometry with ultra-wide bandwidth synthesis 60 Regular
Pihlstrom, Ylva VLBA/14B-250 Stellar SiO Masers in the Bulge - Parallax and Proper Motion 21 Regular
Ransom, Scott VLBA/13B-277 Astrometry of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System 6 Regular
Rauch, Christoph VLBA/14B-124 Detecting morphology variations of SgrA* during flares 18 Triggered
Reid, Mark VLBA/09C-149 Mapping the Milky Way - A Copy of 09C-125 / BR145 for New Project Code 280 Large
Reynolds, Cormac VLBA/14B-083 The High Frequency Flares in Mrk 231 32 Triggered
Rushton, Anthony VLBA/14B-155 Simultaneous radio and X-ray monitoring of the G2 encounter with Sgr A* 32 Regular
Salter, Christopher VLBA/14A-470 Second Epoch Spectral-Line Imaging of the Remarkable Nuclear Outburst in NGC660 11.5 Regular
Sebastien, Muller VLBA/14B-014 Tomography of molecular clouds at z=0.89 15 Regular
Spolaor, Sarah VLBA/14B-427 Explorations of Post-merger SMBH Evolution with the VLBA Filler Challenge 600 Large
Tingay, Steven VLBA/14B-016 Continuing the search for FRBs via the VLBA Filler Project Challenge 700 Large
Wilcots, Eric VLBA/14B-416 Jet Characteristics of Bent Double Radio Sources in Galaxy Groups 21 Regular
Yan, Zhen VLBA/14A-111 Astrometry of 2 High Declination Pulsars with VLBA and Shanghai 65m Telescope 8 Regular
Zhang, Bo VLBA/13B-167 Calibrating the PL Relation for Mira Variables 25 Regular
Zhang, Bo VLBA/14B-138 A Trigonometric Parallax of Open Cluster NGC 7419 6 Regular
Zhang, Hui VLBA/14B-304 Episodic jets in H 1743-322 and role of non-statinary accretion on jet power 50 Triggered
VLBA Science Programs

Programs 2010A-2016B include the VLA and GBT