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Science Program 2011A

by Purav Patel last modified Jul 09, 2013 by Joan Wrobel

A total of 245 proposals were received as result of the October 2010 call for proposals for the first 2011 trimester. The GBT and the VLA/VLBA Proposal Selection Committees (PSC) met in the first week of December 2010 to review the referee rankings and technical reports for all proposals, with the goal of providing a recommended science program to the NRAO Director's Office.

A list of the approved EVLA, VLBA/High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and GBT observing programs for Trimester 2011-A is below. The following is provided for each approved program: (a) PI name; (b) approved proposal title, and the total hours allocated; and (d) proposal type (Regular or Large). Additional information is available via the Proposal Finder Tool. For Large proposals or monitoring projects the time allocated may be over more than one trimester.

Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA)

To maximize EVLA Early Science while simultaneously commissioning the hardware and introducing new capabilities, three separate programs were created. They are, in brief: (1) Open Shared Risk Observing (OSRO) which provides first-light EVLA capabilities to the general user community; (2) Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO) which provides access to enhanced EVLA capabilities to those who are able to spend time in Socorro to help with commissioning; and (3) an EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO) program giving commissioning staff access to the telescope to push new science capabilities.

PI ID RSRO Title Hours Type
Liu VLA/11A-150 Satellite Dense Molecular Cores Around the Ultracompact HII Region 9 Regular
Melis VLA/11A-188 Mapping the Vertical and Radial Structure of Dust in Protoplanetary Disks 8 Regular
Neff VLA/11A-216 Radio Properties of Local UV-Luminous Galaxies 24 Regular
Sokoloski VLA/11A-239 The ENova Project: A Snapshot Imaging Survey of Middle-Aged Novae 22 Regular
Takahasi VLA/11A-220 Detailed Case Study of A Extremely Young Protostar Discovered in OMC-3 4 Regular
PI IDECSO Title Hours Type
Claussen VLA/11A-124 The Connection Between SiO Masers and Atmospheric Water Layers Around AGB Stars 12 Regular
Hofstadter VLA/11A-235 Composition and Dynamics of the Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune 24 Regular
Momjian VLA/11A-231 Physical Processes and Chemical Abundances in the Prototypical ULIRG Arp 220 28 Regular
Perley VLA/11A-126 EVLA Observations of a New Population of Infrared-Luminous GRB Host Galaxies 16 Regular
Sjouwerman VLA/11A-129 OH/IR stars in the Sagitarius dwarf 30 Regular
Sjouwerman VLA/11A-137 Radio Spectral Index of M31* 18 Regular
PI IDOSRO Title Hours Type
Bietenholz VLA/11A-130 The Central Component of SN1986J: CSM interaction or a Black Hole/Neutron Star? 5 Regular
Birkinshaw VLA/11A-199 Tight bends in two FR-I radio galaxies and the jet/intragroup gas interaction 14 Regular
Brown VLA/11A-135 EBootes: The EVLA Bootes Survey 50 Regular
Carrasco-Gonzalez VLA/11A-208 Synchrotron Emission from the Jet of the Planetary Nebula K3-35 11 Regular
Castelletti VLA/11A-184 The first 74 MHz observation of the intriguing SNR RX J1713.7-3946 (G347.3-0.5) 9 Regular
Clarke VLA/11A-203 Low Frequency Mapping of the Spectacular Emission in Abell 2256 14 Regular
Conway VLA/11A-225 Searching for broad atomic and molecular absorption from TORUS gas in Cygnus A 9 Regular
Corsi VLA/11A-227 Search for early and late radio emission from broad-line Ic SN detected by PTF 13 Regular
Engels VLA/11A-154 Angular sizes of the shells of three OH/IR stars 7 Regular
Fassnacht VLA/11A-138 Toward a Lens-based High-precision Measurement of Cosmological Parameters 24 Regular
Fu VLA/11A-175 EVLA High-Resolution Mapping of kpc-scale AGN Mergers 17 Regular
Gomez VLA/11A-136 Resolving the kinematics of the young PN Vy 2-2 6 Regular
Goodger VLA/11A-157 EVLA Observations and Continued Monitoring of Centaurus A's Jet 4 Regular
Guedel VLA/11A-183 The Bi-Polar Jet of DG Tau 5 Regular
Harrison VLA/11A-113 A Deep Survey of Intermediate Polars 11 Regular
Henkel VLA/11A-149 Radio survey of luminous compact emission-line galaxies 2 Regular
Heywood VLA/11A-210 Molecular gas in the most distant galaxies 44 Regular
Hughes VLA/11A-142 A Cloud-Scale Map of Atomic Gas in M51 80 Regular
Immer VLA/11A-218 Are Hyper-compact HII Regions Present in W33 Main? 3 Regular
Intema VLA/11A-193 The 74 MHz Ultra-Deep Field (resubmitting) 36 Regular
Intema VLA/11A-246 An Exploratory Study on Small-Scale Traveling Patterns in the Ionosphere 16 Regular
Ivison VLA/11A-182 High-resolution imaging of a unique sample of ultra-bright Herschel SMGs 32 Regular
Jackson VLA/11A-161 Gravitational lens central images: probing the central regions of galaxies 24 Regular
Jaeger VLA/11A-201 An EVLA Quest for the First Direct Detection of Extrasolar Planets 12 Regular
Lane VLA/11A-118 The Nature of Ultra-Steep Spectrum Cluster Radio Halos 8 Regular
Lang VLA/11A-191 Compact Radio Emission Associated with the Ultra Luminous X-Ray Source in IC342 14 Regular
Li VLA/11A-178 The Murmur of The Hidden Monster: An Active Phase in M31* 25 Regular
Marti VLA/11A-115 Searching for new gamma-ray binaries: the case of 1FGL J0224.0+6201c 1 Regular
McKean VLA/11A-198 The internal structure of a proto-galaxy at redshift z = 4 12 Regular
Melis VLA/11A-179 Towards a VLBA Resolution of the Pleiades Distance Controversy 18 Regular
Melis VLA/11A-127 Is There a Front Edge to the Orion Star Forming Complex? 8 Regular
Miller VLA/11A-173 Radio Properties of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources 24 Regular
Miller VLA/11A-236 EVLA testing of potentially relativistic hotspots in FRII radio sources 2 Regular
Miller VLA/11A-123 Do Accretion-Ejection Lags Scale with Black Hole Mass? 8 Regular
Miller-Jones VLA/11A-139 Following up new LOFAR-detected transients at GHz frequencies 11 Regular
Miller-Jones VLA/11A-140 Following the decay of the black hole candidate X-ray binary Swift J1753.5-0127 11 Regular
Miller-Jones VLA/11A-146 Testing the link between polarization angle and jet axis in X-ray binary jets 4 Regular
Morganti VLA/11A-166 Locating the fast HI outflows in radio galaxies 5 Regular
Morganti VLA/11A-169 Atomic and molecular outflow in NGC1266 6 Regular
Neff VLA/11A-217 Exploratory 74 MHz Observations of CenA 5 Regular
Osorio VLA/11A-250 The Inner Structure of the Protoplanetary Disk of HD 169142 8 Regular
Osten VLA/11A-189 Radio Emission from the Three Super-Jupiters around HR 8799 20 Regular
Perez-Torres VLA/11A-160 Unveiling the Hidden Population of SNe in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies 7 Regular
Reid VLA/11A-101 Galactic Center Astrometry 15 Regular
Reines VLA/11A-153 Probing the Nature of the H2O Kilomaser in He 2-10: Star Formation or AGN? 36 Regular
Rivilla VLA/11A-112 High resolution imaging of the formation of superclusters in Arp220 9 Regular
Rodriguez VLA/11A-174 Understanding the Rotation of MWC 349A 9 Regular
Rodriguez VLA/11A-204 The spectral index and variability of the compact radio sources in CEN 1 10 Regular
Rodriguez VLA/11A-158 The Nature of the Compact Radio Sources at the Center of the HH92 System 5 Regular
Rushton VLA/11A-144 Resolving the emission mechanisms in SS 433 20 Regular
Sahai VLA/11A-120 The Missing Link between Post-AGB Stars with and without Disks 16 Regular
Sanna VLA/11A-111 Exploring the peculiar case of the high-mass star-forming region G9.62+0.20E 5 Regular
Spangler VLA/11A-229 Measurement of Electrical Currents and Magnetic Fields in the Inner Solar Corona 16 Regular
Strazzullo VLA/11A-241 The reversal of fortune: a deeper look. Starbursts and AGN in distant clusters. 30 Regular
Tarchi VLA/11A-145 NLSy1 galaxies vs. H2O masers: the case of NGC4253 2 Regular
Taylor VLA/11A-102 Checking for Cavities in the Binary Black Hole System 0402+379 7 Regular
Thompson VLA/11A-228 Measuring the mass-to-flux ratio in molecular clouds 16 Regular
Tozzi VLA/11A-163 Measuring the radio power/cool-core relation in a complete sample of clusters 30 Regular
Umana VLA/11A-171 The rapid evolution of the proto-Planetary Nebula CRL 618 6 Regular
van Weeren VLA/11A-190 74 MHz Observations of Two Extreme Galaxy Cluster Mergers 28 Regular
Wang VLA/11A-170 Using HCN l-type absorption lines to detect hot gas in gas-rich radio galaxies 12 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh VLA/11A-224 Coordinated Study of Flare Emission from Sgr A* at Radio & NIR Wavelengths 28 Regular


Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

The 18 newly approved projects for the VLBA and HSA make up only a part of the total science time available. Existing and new Large projects continue to dominate the scheduled observing over Regular projects.

PI IDProposal Title Hours Type
Condon VLBA/11A-120 A Search for Inspiraling, Binary, and Recoiling Black Holes in Nearby Galaxies 282 Large
Lister VLBA/11A-118 The VLBA 2cm MOJAVE/Fermi Program 816 Large
Melis VLBA/11A-122 A VLBA Resolution of the Pleiades Distance Controversy 630 Large
Beasley VLBA/11A-124 Imaging the Magnetic Propeller in AE Aqr - II 32 Regular
Blundell VLBA/11A-129 Precession of the circumbinary ruff of the microquasar SS433 on milliarcs scales 108 Regular
Boyles VLBA/11A-121 Measuring the proper motion and parallax for nearby recycled pulsar J2222-0137 12 Regular
Bruni VLBA/11A-112 Morphology and orientation of Radio Loud Broad Absorption Line Quasars 30 Regular
Desmurs VLBA/11A-101 Further observations of SiO v=3 J=1-0 maser emission from AGB stars. 24 Regular
Giroletti VLBA/11A-114 Comprehensive VLBA monitoring of two TeV blazars 90 Regular
Hovatta VLBA/11A-110 Follow-up Investigation of Faraday Plasma in Quasar Jets 24 Regular
Johnston VLBA/11A-100 AGN Stability and the Celestial Reference Frame: Additional session 8 Regular
Lacy VLBA/11A-123 A search for highly obscured quasars and AGN in the Spitzer First Look Survey 30 Regular
Ma VLBA/11A-102 VLBA Geodesy/Astrometry Observations for 2011 144 Regular
Miller-Jones VLBA/11A-107 Following up new LOFAR-detected transients at GHz frequencies 54 Regular
Reynolds VLBA/11A-104 The High Frequency Flares in Mrk 231 32 Regular
Rioja VLBA/11A-126 High-Precision 22 & 43 GHz Astrometric Monitoring of the Cores in OJ287 and 3C273 156 Regular
Tremblay VLBA/11A-106 Follow-up of the Candidate Recoiling Black Hole J11584+2450 10 Regular
Walker VLBA/11A-119 Confirming the Association of Flaring TeV Emission with the Core of M87, III 132 Regular


Green Bank Telescope (GBT)


PI IDProposal Title Hours Type
Roshi GBT/11A-002 An enigmatic compact radio source in NGC1977: Is it a Millisecond Pulsar ? 2.5 Regular
Mangum GBT/11A-005 Kinetic Temperature in Starburst Galaxies 21.0 Regular
Mangum GBT/11A-006 Formaldehyde Densitometry of Starburst Galaxies 79.0 Regular
Mroczkowski GBT/11A-009 MUSTANG Imaging of the CLASH Cluster Sample 97.0 Regular
Mroczkowski GBT/11A-010 MUSTANG Imaging of Two Forming High-Redshift (z~1) Clusters 45.0 Regular
Rosen GBT/11A-013 Confirmation and Follow-up Observations of New Pulsars Discovered by the PSC 21.0 Regular
Gwinn GBT/11A-015 Probing Rapid Variability of Ultra-Compact Extragalactic Sources 7.0 Regular
Lockman GBT/11A-016 The Smith Cloud: Ablation and Entrainment 181.0 Regular
Chin GBT/11A-017 Confirmation of Interstellar Benzonitrile (C6H5CN) towards TMC-1 32.0 Regular
Tarchi GBT/11A-018 NLSy1 galaxies vs. H2O masers: a prolific sample for new detections 26.0 Regular
Sakai GBT/11A-019 Tracing Formation of Methanol by Observations of Its 13C Isotopomer 32.5 Regular
Siemion GBT/11A-020 First Steps towards Commensal SETI Observations with the GBT 50.0 RRS-KT
Albrecht GBT/11A-021 Mapping mm excess emission towards M33 with MUSTANG 32.0 Regular
McLaughlin GBT/11A-023 Continued Timing of Three Rotating Radio Transients 30.0 Regular
DeCesar GBT/11A-025 A Search for Millisecond Pulsars in Gamma-ray-Detected Globular Clusters 7.5 Regular
Paladini GBT/11A-026 NH3 follow-up of pre-stellar cores observed by Planck and Herschel 33.7 Regular
Frayer GBT/11A-027 CO(1-0) Observations of the Brightest Herschel-ATLAS Sub-mm Galaxies 64.0 Regular
Trigilio GBT/11A-028 Unveiling the nature of Galactic Bubbles 15.0 Regular
Lynch GBT/11A-029 Searching for Pulsars in Ten Globular Clusters Using GUPPI2 78.3 Regular
Boyles GBT/11A-030 shapiro delay and long-term timing of PSR J2222-0137 25.8 Regular
Shirley GBT/11A-031 Studying the Evolution of High-mass Clumps in G111.8+0.6 with NH3 and Maser Maps 36.0 Regular
Zhang GBT/11A-033 Turbulence and massive star/cluster formation 18.0 Regular
Lazio GBT/11A-034 A Search for Radio Pulsar Companions to Subdwarf B Stars 9.0 Regular
Siemion GBT/11A-035 A Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Kepler Field 24.0 Regular
Ao GBT/11A-036 Search for ammonia absorption lines in the distant galaxies 32.3 Regular
Chynoweth GBT/11A-037 A Deep HI Study of the M101 Group 85.0 Regular
Coenen GBT/11A-041 A search for radio pulsars around subluminous B dwarfs 5.5 Regular
Sadavoy GBT/11A-042 Understanding Core Formation with Ammonia Observations of Perseus B1-E 4.0 Regular
Bania GBT/11A-043 Solving "The 3-Helium Problem" 196.0 Regular
Pineda GBT/11A-044 Is there a sharp temperature or density profile in B5? 9.5 Regular
Tabatabaei GBT/11A-045 The First Detection of Ammonia in M33 25.0 Regular
Margot GBT/11A-046 Spin state and interior of Mercury 10.5 Regular
Wagg GBT/11A-047 A survey of cold molecular gas in strong C+ line emitters at z~2 14.3 Regular
Pineda GBT/11A-048 COMPLETing Ammonia Mapping of Perseus with GBT 27.5 Regular
Boyles GBT/11A-051 Long-term monitoring of PSR J1328-07 3.3 Regular
Chitsazzadeh GBT/11A-052 Ammonia Observations of Starless Cores with the KFPA 10.4 Regular
Pisano GBT/11A-055 A GBT HI Survey of THINGS Galaxies 190.0 Regular
Darling GBT/11A-056 A Water Maser Survey of Active Black Holes in the Local Universe 76.0 Regular
Ostlin GBT/11A-057 A Search for Neutral Hydrogen in the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample Galaxies 19.0 Regular
Rood GBT/11A-058 A Novel Search for SETI Beacons 10.0 Regular
Pennucci GBT/11A-059 Shapiro Delay Measurements of Two Binary Pulsars 56.0 Regular
Greenhill GBT/11A-060 AGN in Bulge-less Galaxies 40.3 Regular
Ries GBT/11A-061 Understanding Asteroid Light-curves at 3mm 15.0 Regular
Rabidoux GBT/11A-062 Probing star formation in local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies 21.1 Regular
Roberts GBT/11A-63 Timing More New Fermi Millisecond Pulsars 31.0 Regular
Royster GBT/11A-065 An X-band Recombination Line Survey of the Galactic Center Region 20.0 Regular
VLBA Science Programs

Programs 2010A-2016B include the VLA and GBT