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Science Program 2010C

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Science Program 2010C

Science Program 2010C

The June 2010 Call for Proposals covered the third trimester of 2010. A total of 222 proposals were received. The GBT and the VLA/VLBA Proposal Selection Committees (PSC) met in the second week of August to review the referee rankings and technical reports for all proposals, with the goal of providing a recommended science program to the NRAO Director's Office.

A list of the approved EVLA, VLBA/High Sensitivity Array (HSA), and GBT observing programs for Trimester 2010-C is given below. For each approved program is listed: (a) the PI's last name; (b) the title of the approved proposal, and the total hours allocated for the program, and (d) the type of proposal (Regular or Large). Additional information is available via the Proposal Finder Tool. In cases of Large proposals or monitoring projects the time allocated may be over more than one trimester.

Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA)

To maximize early EVLA science while simultaneously commissioning the hardware and introducing new capabilities, three separate programs were created. They are, in brief, Open Shared Risk Observing (OSRO) which provides first-light EVLA capabilities to the general user community, Resident Shared Risk Observing (RSRO) which provides access to enhanced EVLA capabilities to those who are able to spend a period of time in Socorro to help with commissioning, and a modest (<500 hrs/year) EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing (ECSO) program giving access to commissioning staff to push new science capabilities.

PI ID RSRO Title Hours Type
Berger VLA/10C-145 Progenitors to Probes: New Insights on Gamma-Ray Bursts with EVLA/RSRO 63 Regular
Brogan VLA/10C-186 Resolving the Evolutionary Diversity and Accretion in Massive Protoclusters 14 Regular
Chomiuk VLA/10C-109 Decisive Constraints on Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters 20 Regular
Hallinan VLA/10C-210 Broadband Spectra of Radio Emission from M Dwarf Stars and Brown Dwarfs 16 Regular
Irwin VLA/10C-119 CHANG-ES: Continuum HAlos in Nearby Galaxies -- an EVLA Survey 405 Large
Melis VLA/10C-182 Mapping the Vertical and Radial Structure of Dust in Protoplanetary Disks - RSRO 26 Regular
van Gorkom VLA/10C-211 A Pilot for an EVLA HI Deep Field 60 Regular
PI ID ECSO Title Hours Type
Butler VLA/10C-192 Further Observations of TNOs 29 Regular
Chandler VLA/10C-222 Searching for planet-forming dead-zones in protoplanetary disks: a pilot study 21 Regular
Marvil VLA/10C-199 A sensitive,multi-frequency continuum study of M82 and NGC 2146 30 Regular
Lovell VLA/10C-221 Observations of Ceres and Vesta 12 Regular
Ott VLA/10C-187 Shocks,Feedback and Chemistry: Cm-Wave Spectroscopy of Arp 220 24 Regular
PI ID OSRO Title Hours Type
Baez Rubio VLA/10C-166 Searching extremely broad H recombination lines in massive star forming regions 8 Regular
Baker VLA/10C-224 Mapping SiO(1-0) in the Nucleus of NGC1068 24 Regular
Bartel VLA/10C-220 SN 2006gy: Radio emission through an extremely dense circumstellar medium? 2 Regular
Battersby VLA/10C-212 Precision Densitometry in Massive-Star-Forming Clumps 20.5 Regular
Begum VLA/10C-196 SPONGE: 21-cm SPectral line Observations of Neutral Gas with the EVLA 411 Large
Blomme VLA/10C-134 The colliding winds of the massive binary Cyg OB2 No. 9 5.5 Regular
Borthakur VLA/10C-120 High Resolution EVLA Absorption Study to Probe Cold Gas in Foreground Galaxies 24 Regular
Braatz VLA/10C-146 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. IV 10 Large
Bruni VLA/10C-114 Polarisation properties of Radio-Loud Broad Absorption Line Quasars 20 Regular
Brunthaler VLA/10C-142 Toward an accurate distance to the ultracompact binary HM Cnc 12 Regular
Carilli VLA/10C-111 Massive galaxy formation within 870 Myr of the Big Bang 152 Regular
Chandra VLA/10C-184 EVLA observations of unique Type IIN supernova SN2008iy 8 Regular
Chandra VLA/10C-185 Observing SN 1993J with the EVLA 4 Regular
Chandra VLA/10C-155 Exploring the mysterious Type IIn supernovae within 150 Mpc distance 18 Regular
Choi VLA/10C-195 Absolute positions of H2O and SiO masers in the Red Supergiant Clusters 15 Regular
DiPompeo VLA/10C-100 Reorienting Our Perspective of Broad Absorption Line Quasars 16 Regular
Edge VLA/10C-160 An EVLA survey of cool core clusters - what lies at their very core? 22 Regular
Fernandez VLA/10C-198 HI Outflow of a Prototypical Wet Merger Remnant,NGC 34 7 Regular
Galvan-Madrid VLA/10C-133 Dynamics of Ionized Jets: Radio Recombination Line Stacking 8 Regular
Gomez VLA/10C-151 Polarization observations of class I methanol masers 4 Regular
Harper VLA/10C-105 Thermodynamics of Dust-Free Red Giant Winds: Vital input for Mass Loss Studies 15.5 Regular
Impellizzeri VLA/10C-205 Search for water megamaser emission in a unique,new sample of lensed SMGs 35 Regular
Koziel Wierz VLA/10C-130 Multifrequency radio analysis of a restarting radio galaxy - the inner structure 4.5 Regular
Lelli VLA/10C-200 Gas Dynamics and Star Formation in Blue Compact Dwarfs 40 Regular
Mann VLA/10C-201 The Mass-Loss Rates of Protoplanetary Disks in Two Rich Clusters 12 Regular
Mayen Gijon VLA/10C-159 Possible spatially-resolved infall motions in the G31 Hot Molecular Core 8 Regular
Melis VLA/10C-179 Mapping the Vertical and Radial Structure of Dust in Protoplanetary Disks - OSRO 5 Regular
O'Dea VLA/10C-178 Black Hole Spins of Radio Loud Quasars 22 Regular
Osorio VLA/10C-158 Spatially resolved planet formation in the disk of HD 169142 8 Regular
Riechers VLA/10C-107 The Clustered Formation of Massive Galaxies around a z=5.3 Submillimeter Galaxy 73 Regular
Robishaw VLA/10C-124 Measuring the Evolution of Galactic Magnetic Fields over Cosmic Time 24 Regular
Sargent VLA/10C-123 Dissecting the Magic Wand of HE 0450-2958 6 Regular
Sarma VLA/10C-115 Zeeman observations of 36 GHz & 44 GHz Class I Methanol Masers toward M8E 8 Regular
Sharon VLA/10C-209 High-resolution Mapping of CO(1--0) in the Cloverleaf 29 Regular
Sharon VLA/10C-223 Resolved CO Mapping of a Lensed Lyman Break Galaxy 42 Regular
Smail VLA/10C-128 A Joint EVLA/eMERLIN Survey of AGN and Star Formation in Distant Rich Clusters 20 Regular
Soderberg VLA/10C-168 The Diversity of SNe Ibc and the Nature of the GRB-SN Connection 10 Regular
Soderberg VLA/10C-203 Continued Monitoring of the Bright GRB030329 8 Regular
Stanway VLA/10C-169 A Possible z=8 CO Line Emitter in the Field of GRB 090423 16 Regular
Suzuki VLA/10C-152 Dusty Starburst Galaxies in the Protocluster Candidate at z=2.48 around 4C23.56 24 Regular
Swinbank VLA/10C-141 High-resolution imaging of the CO(1-0) emission in the submm galaxy SMMJ2135 25 Regular
Tarchi VLA/10C-127 A water maser in IGRJ16385-2057: new clues on Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies 2.5 Regular
Taylor VLA/10C-101 Closing in on the Unidentified Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Sources 10 Regular
Young VLA/10C-173 Radio Continuum and Star Formation in Early-type Galaxies 10 Regular
Yun VLA/10C-225 Nature of Micro-Jy Radio Sources in the Two GOODS Fields (updated) 66 Regular
Yusef-Zadeh VLA/10C-204 SiO,CH3OH,H2O and 44GHz Observations of the Galactic Center Molecular Ring 2.5 Regular

Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) and High Sensitivity Array (HSA)

The 22 newly approved projects below for the VLBA and HSA make up only a part of the total science time available. Large projects continue to dominate the scheduled observing.

PI ID Proposal Title Hours Type
Batejat VLBA/10C-128 Characterisation of newly detected rapidly varying resolved sources in Arp220 27 Regular
Bietenholz VLBA/10C-121 Proper motion of the Young Pulsar J0205+6449 in 3C 58 12 Regular
Braatz VLBA/10C-117 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. IV 96 Large
Brunthaler VLBA/10C-116 The evolution of SN 2008iz in M82 72 Regular
Cavagnolo VLBA/10C-125 Imaging the Misdirected QSO OF IRAS 09104+4109 12 Regular
Deane VLBA/10C-119 A gravitationally lensed starburst/AGN composite at z=2.3 16 Regular
Deller VLBA/10C-129 PSRPI: Mapping the Galactic distribution of pulsars with the VLBA 762.5 Large
Edwards VLBA/10C-110 Four new TeV emitting High Frequency-Peaking BL Lacs 16 Regular
Furuya VLBA/10C-108 Probing the water maser jet in G19.61-0.23 32 Regular
Hada VLBA/10C-113 Multi-calibrator astrometry of the core of the low-luminosity AGN M 104 20 Regular
Hough VLBA/10C-135 Acceleration on 10-100 pc Scales in Lobe-dominated Quasars - Part III 8 Regular
Loinard VLBA/10C-133 The distance to Monoceros: one of the nearest high-mass star-forming regions 57 Regular
Marecki VLBA/10C-102 Location of the core in the possibly restarted source 0932+075 4 Regular
McClintock VLBA/10C-114 Measuring the Parallaxes of the X-ray Binaries Cyg X-1,Cyg X-2 and Cyg X-3 40 Regular
Miller-Jones VLBA/10C-123 Constraining black hole formation with triggered VLBA astrometry 48 Regular
Miller-Jones VLBA/10B-126 The connection between gamma-ray emission and radio jets in Cygnus X-3 48 Regular
Orienti VLBA/10C-118 Steep spectrum sources and the duty cycle of the radio emission 20 Regular
Ramstedt VLBA/10C-115 The SiO masers close to the binary AGB star W Aql 9 Regular
Sarma VLBA/10C-106 Exploratory VLBA Observation of 44 GHz methanol masers in OMC-2 5 Regular
Sivakoff VLBA/10C-130 The Ultimate VLBA Calibrator Search for Galactic Black Hole X-ray Binaries 22 Regular
Tingay VLBA/10C-100 A commensal method for the detection of fast transients using the VLBA 24 Regular
Walker VLBA/10C-122 Flaring in the 43 GHz Radio Core of M87 26 Regular

Green Bank Telescope (GBT)

PI ID Proposal Title Type
GBT/10C-003 A search for negative molecular ions in diffuse interstellar clouds Regular
Wagg GBT/10C-004 HDF850.1 as part of a large-scale structure of submm galaxies at z~4 Regular
Mangum GBT/10C-005 Kinetic Temperature in Starburst Galaxies Regular
Morgan GBT/10C-006 Environmental Effects Upon Star Formation Regular
Lal GBT/10C-007 GBT observations of FR II radio galaxies at 90 GHz Regular
Rubio-Herrera GBT/10C-010 Surveying our Galaxy's Satellite Companions for Pulsars and Radio Transients Regular
Nikolic GBT/10C-011 Star-forming galaxies at 90 GHz Regular
Castangia GBT/10C-012 Water maser and hard X-ray emission in AGN: the complete INTEGRAL sample Regular
Tarchi GBT/10C-013 Search for a Maser Flare in the FRII Galaxy 3C403 Regular
Hankins GBT/10C-014 Crab Nebula Pulsar Giant Pulses at Centimeter Wavelengths: II Regular
Urquhart GBT/10C-015 The RMS survey: probing the environments of young massive stars Regular
Dicker GBT/10C-017 Imaging Massive Cluster Mergers Through the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Regular
Braatz GBT/10C-019 The Megamaser Cosmology Project. IV Large
Scaife GBT/10C-020 Characterizing the Anomalous Emission from Spinning Dust in Galactic HII regions Regular
Urquhart GBT/10C-021 The RMS survey: NH3 mapping of triggered massive star forming regions Regular
Moore GBT/10C-024 Protostellar core sizes in W3 and Perseus Regular
Murphy GBT/10C-025 A Ka-Band Survey of Star Formation & Anomalous Dust Emission in Nearby Galaxies Regular
Murphy GBT/10C-026 The Origin of Anomalous Dust Emission in Extragalactic HII Regions Regular
Frayer GBT/10C-029 CO(1-0) Observations of the Brightest Herschel-Selected Sub-mm Galaxies Regular
Sakai GBT/10C-030 Search for Long Carbon-Chains in the Newly Found Starless Core, Lupus-1A Regular
Jewitt GBT/10C-031 Mass Loss from Comet 103P/Hartley 2 Regular
Sakai GBT/10C-032 Probing Carbon-Chain Growth with the 13C Isotopomers Regular
Cherinka GBT/10C-033 Connecting local galaxies with Damped Lyman Alpha systems via 21 cm absorption. Regular
Ford GBT/10C-034 The Molecular Link Between Supershells and Halo Clouds Regular
Minter GBT/10C-035 Investigating the small-scale structure of HI Regular
Burgay GBT/10C-036 Searching for radio pulsations from Calvera Regular
Hughes GBT/10C-037 The Debris Ring around Epsilon Eridani Regular
Darling GBT/10C-039 A Water Maser Survey of M31: The First Step Toward Proper Motion Regular
Schnee GBT/10C-042 Mapping the Dust Emission from OMC-2/3 Regular
Ries GBT/10C-043 Observations of Iapetus's Thermal Light Curve Regular
Ludovici GBT/10C-044 Searching for HI in the loose group LGG 140 Regular
Friesen GBT/10C-045 Temperature, fragmentation and kinematics in the Serpens South Cluster Regular
Margot GBT/10C-046 Venus spin dynamics Regular
Sommer GBT/10C-048 Follow-up observation of an SZE non-detection of a galaxy cluster at z=0.97 Regular
Ransom GBT/10C-049 Long Term Timing of 55 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters Regular
Lonsdale GBT/10C-050 30 and 90Hz Observations of WISE extreme HyLIRG at z=2.45 Regular
Hoffman GBT/10C-051 Renewed Interest in the Rare Ammonia Maser in NGC 7538 Regular
Hewitt GBT/10C-052 Searching for OH(1720 MHz) Masers from TeV-bright SNR G106.3+2.7 Regular
Roberts GBT/10C-053 Searching for Highly Scattered Pulsars in Very Low Latitude Fermi Sources Regular
Remijan GBT/10C-054 Investigating the Formation of Large Molecules in the Orion Compact Ridge Regular
Chitsazzadeh GBT/10C-055 Ammonia Observations of Starless Cores with the KFPA Regular
Basu GBT/10C-056 High-resolution Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) imaging of a cluster cool core Regular
DeCesar GBT/10C-057 A Search for Millisecond Pulsars in Gamma-ray-Detected Globular Clusters Regular
Milam GBT/10C-059 Molecular Survey towards Comet 103P/Hartley 2 Regular
Ries GBT/10C-060 A Study of TNOs and Captured TNOs at 3.3mm Regular
Cordiner GBT/10C-061 Continuing the targeted search for hydrocarbon anions Regular
Finn GBT/10C-063 Mapping Ammonia in Five Filamentary Infrared Dark Clouds with the KFPA Regular
Mills GBT/10C-064 Probing extremes of density and temperature in Galactic center molecular clouds Regular
VLBA Science Programs

Programs 2010A-2016B include the VLA and GBT