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Active Large Proposals

by Dana Balser last modified Sep 28, 2016 by Amy Mioduszewski
Active Large Proposals
Proj. IDP.I.Title
VLBA/09C-125 Reid Mapping the Milky Way (BeSSeL)
VLBA/10B-131 Loinard Gould's Belt VLBA Distance Survey
VLBA/11B-005 Brunthaler Proper motion of Galaxies in and beyond the Local Group
VLBA/14B-016 Tingay Continuing the search for FRBs via the VLBA Filler Project Challenge
VLBA/14B-264 Marscher Sub-milliarcsecond Imaging of the Gamma-ray Emission Regions of Blazars
VLBA/14B-427 Spolaor Explorations of Post-merger SMBH Evolution with the VLBA Filler Challenge
VLBA/16A-216 Braatz Completing the Megamaser Cosmology Project
VLBA/16B-109 Frail An Optimal Search Strategy for FRBs
VLBA/16B-175 Lister MOJAVE: Long Term VLBA Polarimetric Observations of Pc-Scale AGN Jets
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