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by Purav Patel last modified Jul 08, 2013 by Davis Murphy

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NRAO is steadily moving towards being able to dynamically schedule all observations. Dynamic scheduling is in place for the VLA and the GBT. VLA dynamic scheduling is done at the Scheduling Block level, whereas GBT dynamic scheduling is done with respect to observing sessions. An observer whose session is dynamically scheduled on the GBT still has the freedom to choose which Scheduling Blocks to execute, and in which order.

VLA Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling will be the standard mode for all VLA projects.

GBT Scheduling

The GBT spans a larger range of frequencies than other comparable centimeter/millimeter single-dish telescopes, and is located in a continental, mid-latitude region where weather is dominated by water vapor and small-scale effects. As a result, the observing efficiency of the GBT can be enhanced significantly by dynamically scheduling observations best matched to weather conditions.

The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System (DSS) seeks to maximize the observing efficiency of the telescope while ensuring that none of the telescope's flexibility and ease-of-use is harme,d and the data quality of observations is not adversely affected.