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This table gives contact information for key NRAO personnel who are available to assist the VLBA user community. Phone numbers are +1-575-835-extension unless otherwise noted. Individuals can be contacted through e-mail at Usernames are constructed from their first initial followed by their last name, with a maximum of 8 letters. In some circumstances, the following group e-mail accounts should be used:

General problems Contact
(a) Help Desk website
(b) Telescope time allocation issues
(c) All data analysts
(d) VLBI observations
(e) AIPS issues Use helpdesk
(f) Housing and transportation issues


Name Location Extension Room Responsibilites and/or Expertise
Lori Appel SOC 7310 336 Scheduling admin., visitor and meeting support
John Benson SOC 7399 366 Data archive
Walter Brisken SOC 7133 373 Pulsars, Mark 5 systems, correlator
Claire Chandler SOC 7365 326 Deputy Assistant Director, Science
Barry Clark (b) SOC 7268 308 Scheduling officer, VME systems
Mark Claussen (b) SOC 7284 268 Scheduling officer, VLBI
Juan Cordova SOC 7240 269 Disk librarian
Vivek Dhawan SOC 7378 310 Transient-source VLBI, Millimeter VLBI
Steven Durand SOC 7103 178 Head of Electronics
Ed Fomalont CV 434-296-0232 Astrometric VLBI
Miller Goss SOC 7267 332 Spectral line VLBI
Eric Greisen (e) SOC 7236 318 AIPS head
Dan Mertely VLA 7128 128 RFI monitoring and mitigation
Amy Mioduszewski (e) SOC 7263 208 AIPS, HSA, VLBI at VLA
George Moellenbrock SOC 7406 368 VLBI in CASA
Emmanuel Momjian SOC 7452 306 VLA/VLBA Scientific User Support Group Lead
Peggy Perley SOC 7214 282 Deputy Assistant Director, Operations
James Robnett SOC 7226 258 Head of Computing Infrastructure
Jon Romney SOC 7360 304 Correlator, Mark 5
Michael Rupen SOC 7248 206 Transient-source VLBI
Meri Stanley (c) SOC 7238 204 Lead data analyst
VLA Operator VLA 7180 On-duty VLA Operator
VLBA Operator SOC 7251 269 On-duty VLBA Operator
Craig Walker SOC 7247 314 SCHED, pointing
Gustaaf van Moorsel (b) SOC 7396 342 Scheduling officer, VLA

CV- Charlottesville (VA); SOC-Science Operations Center (NM); VLA-Very Large Array Site (NM)

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