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Data Processing

by Amy Mioduszewski last modified Jan 02, 2013 by Gustaaf Van Moorsel


The NRAO Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS ) is a software package for interactive (and, optionally, batch) calibration and editing of radio interferometric data and for the calibration, construction, display and analysis of astronomical images made from those data using Fourier synthesis methods.

AIPS Cookbook

The AIPS CookBook is intended to help beginning users of the NRAO Astronomical Image Processing System (AIPS) by providing a recipe approach to the most basic AIPS operations.

VLBA Pipeline

This pipeline runs in AIPS and provides a best-effort a-priori calibration of the data


The Common Astronomy Software Applications (CASA) package is a C++ data reduction toolset bundled under an iPython interface. CASA is being developed by a NRAO-led collaboration primarly to support the data post-processing needs of the next generation of radio astronomical telescopes such as ALMA and EVLA.

Caltech VLBI programs

A set of interactive programs developed at Caltech that are used by many VLBA observers for very long baseline synthesis imaging, visualization, and self-calibration.