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Calibration & Tools

by Amy Mioduszewski last modified Jan 25, 2019 by Emmanuel Momjian

Calibrator Search Tool

The VLBA Calibrator Survey (VCS) results drives a search engine which finds sources close to a specified poistion. The VCS was done at 2 and 8 GHz (S/X band).

USNO K/Q Band Survey

Most VLBI calibrator surveys are done at 2 and 8 GHz. The USNO has started doing, for the Radio Reference Frame, a survey at 22 and 43 GHz with the VLBA. Though a fewer number of sources than at S/X band this is very useful if observing at higher frequencies.

Calibration & Log Files

Information regarding automated calibration transfer for VLBA correlator output relevant to your scientific program, and for accessing key operations information, such as comments entered by the array operator during your observing.

Polarization Calibration

The goal of this polarization monitoring program is to calibrate the polarization electric vector position angle by observing a network of sources with compact structure.

Detailed Performance Data

Detailed engineering and scientific performance data are available for pointing, system temperature and efficiency, and more.

EVN Sensitivity Calculator

The European VLBI Network (EVN) has made a sensitivity calculator that is very useful for non-heterogenous arrays but can also be used for VLBA-only experiments.